Ceramic Coffee Filters: The Truth Behind Them

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Have you ever heard of switching out your paper coffee filters for a more environmentally-friendly alternative? Or maybe you’ve heard of ceramic coffee filters and you’d like to learn more. Either way, this article will teach you everything you need to know about ceramic filters so that you can decide if it’s something for you.

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Ceramic Coffee Filters: Reviewed & Rated

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What is a ceramic coffee filter?

The ceramic coffee filter is a modern, eco-friendly means to brew coffee. The porous ceramic dish, which has countless micro-perforations invisible to the naked eye, lets users craft their coffee without a typical paper coffee filter.

Ceramic coffee filter
Cera Filter 002

How do I use it?

There are a few different types of ceramic coffee filters, so exact directions will vary by brand. The general idea, though, is to put the ceramic filter on top of your coffee mug before adding your preferred coffee grounds. Then, simply pour hot water over the grounds and let your coffee drip through the ceramic’s fine pores.

Pouring hot water over coffee in a ceramic coffee filter

What kind of coffee should I use?

It’s recommended that you use extra coarse coffee with a ceramic coffee filter. That way, fine grounds don’t get stuck and clog the tiny pores. According to twentytwentyone, a popular brand of the product, coarse grounds also produce the best tasting coffee. 

How to clean a ceramic coffee filter

First, you’ll need to dispose of your used coffee ground. It’s important to do this as soon as possible, since it becomes harder to remove them once they’re dry. Next, wash the filter with water until the water becomes clean. Ceramic coffee filters are NOT dishwasher safe, and many brands recommend against using dishwashing soap. Allow the filter to dry naturally.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the ceramic filter’s low impact on the environment compared to traditional paper filters. Ceramic ones are also said to make finer-tasting coffee with an earthy and less-acidic flavor. 


The unique flavor of coffee prepared this way just might not be for everybody. And, some users have reported that ceramic coffee filters are difficult to keep clean. If you’re struggling with this or are experiencing a clogged filter, you can try boiling it in a pot of water.

Best ceramic coffee filters

There are a number of companies that sell this product, but which ones are the best? Here’s a list of some of the most most-popular brands and filters (you can also order directly from stores in Japan):

Kurasu Cera Filter 002
Kurasu Cera Filter 002
  • Perfect for brewing a delicious cup of coffee without the need for disposable filters.
  • The same level of filtration as that found in a water purifiers.
  • Made in Japan.
Ippinka Ceramic Pour-Over Filter
Japanese Ceramic Pour-Over Filter
  • Enhances the taste and aroma of coffee without the use of paper filters.
  • Crafted in Japan.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly.
Kubota Kyuemon Ceramic Filter
Kubota Kyuemon Ceramic Filter (UK)
  • Product is avaiable in the UK
  • Looks to be the same filter as the next one.
  • Filter prevents bitterness while allowing the oils to pass through, resulting in a crystal clear coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Starbucks ceramic coffee filter zero-waste?

The Starbucks ceramic coffee filter is actually not the same as other ceramic coffee filters. Starbucks’ version is simply a single-serve pour-over coffee maker, so it still requires paper filters and isn’t zero-waste like typical ceramic filters. The same goes for the Aerolatte and Melitta ceramic coffee filters. These are all different from the traditional zero-waste ceramic filter, but they might be more of your cup of tea.

How much coffee can I brew in a ceramic filter?

This is up to you! It depends on how strong you like your coffee, how big your coffee mug is, and how big your ceramic filter is.

Can I bring a ceramic coffee filter on an airplane?

Ceramic items are usually allowed in carry-ons, but airport authorities have the final say. You can also generally put ceramics in checked baggage.


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