Coffee Around The World: June 2024 Edition

Jun 06, 2024 • Donna Lu

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Leigh McDonald at Bali Beans Plantation

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Happy June, fellow coffee lovers. As we enter another exciting month towards summer, here’s a recap of what happened worldwide in May 2024.

Brazil projects an increase in coffee production for the calendar year 2024/25. According to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply Company, CONAB, the country is expected to produce 58.81 million 60kg bags - an 800,000 bag (0.014%) increase from the previous year. The survey reports a 1.4 million bag increase in Arabica coffee production and a 600,000 bag decrease for robusta beans. 

(Source: CONAB)

Brazil isn’t the only country experiencing varying coffee production dynamics. Different coffee-producing countries have reported unique experiences in coffee production for the first quarter and forecasting for the 2024/25 calendar;

  • Honduras experienced a high decline (up to 24% or 5.5 million 60kg bags)  in coffee production the previous year, primarily due to leaf rust, labor shortages, and varying international prices (as Brazilian coffee production recovered).  Unfortunately, the 2024/25 forecast may not be as optimistic due to a predicted surplus in the market.
  • Similarly, Costa Rica reported record-low coffee production in the past year (2023/24). Unfortunately, coffee production numbers for 2024/25 are projected to remain low. The Costa Rican market is currently experiencing labor shortages, bad weather, and high exchange rates against the dollar (the Costa Rican colon is stronger than the US dollar).
  • Indonesia experienced a reduced robusta production of only 6.3 million 60kg bags against USDA’s 8.4 million forecasted bags. On the other hand, arabica production was at 1.4 million bags, bringing the total production to 7.7 million bags. The lower robusta production is linked to a delayed harvest in Southern Sumatra due to heavy rainfall. However, the USDA projects the market to recover with a projected production of 10.9 million 60kg bags for 2024-25, with robusta production projected at 9.5 million bags and arabica standing at 1.4 million bags. More favorable weather patterns in both northern and southern Sumatra are expected to boost harvest and spring the production back up.
  • Elsewhere, the numbers aren’t too bad. Mexico experienced an overall increase in specialty coffee production and consumption. An estimated 3.89 million 60kg bags are projected to be produced in the 2024/25 calendar, despite significant labor shortages and economic challenges.

(Source: USDA FAS, The Globe and Mail, Tridge, USDA FAS 2, and USDA FAS 3)

The Vietnamese coffee market has been experiencing a particularly hard time in the past quarter due to weather challenges. Meanwhile, farmers have implemented solutions to address controllable challenges. These include boosting irrigation efforts to address water shortages caused by dry weather conditions. Shortage in Vietnamese coffee has also led to a fourth consecutive year of instant coffee product supply shortages. Further projections for the 2024/25 calendar year production are still at a 13-year record low, sitting at just 24 million 60kg bags. According to experts, the bad weather has significantly damaged coffee blossoms and impacted coffee companion plant growth, such as durian trees. 

(Source: Reuters and Bloomberg)

While Vietnam experiences heavy rains, Robusta futures have recorded a first high since 2010 on the London Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, arabica's futures prices rose as Brazil recorded dry weather.  Robusta Intraday prices rose by 7% while arabica futures rose by 6%. However, these numbers are expected to stabilize as weather challenges ease in these regions. A steep price increase also led many sellers to abandon further transactions, with experts projecting these actions to stabilize the prices.

(Source: Bloomberg)

The European Union’s newly introduced regulation on deforestation (EUDR) has fueled multiple actions around coffee belt regions globally:

  • Among the key market highlights is how EU coffee importers are rushing to beat the upcoming EUDR implementation, securing as many coffee supplies to circumvent possible supply disruptions.
  • According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), importers are rushing to get coffee into the EU ahead of the EUDR implementation, causing stocks to fall in coffee-producing countries. Part of this rush is due to some ambiguity regarding the new policy that is yet to be addressed. Therefore, importers are rushing in as much stock to prevent future surprises.
  • Ahead of the EUDR implementation, Colombia is expected to increase coffee production to 12.4 million 60kg bags - an impressive 1.6% increase from last year. The US accounts for nearly half (40%) of Colombian coffee exports. Yet, coffee producers in the country are committed to addressing the EU’s deforestation-free policy to expand their market reach further.
  • Uganda is making its commitment to meet EUDR requirements. East Africa’s largest robusta producer announced its commitment to registering all coffee farmers and creating a national traceability database. This will make it easier to assign unique identifiers and coffee farm geolocations.
  • Companies like Coolx have taken the lead in supporting this transition. The tech company Coolx has developed collaborative software to assist coffee companies in combating deforestation in their supply chains.

(Source: Coffee Intelligence, Reuters, Tridge, Uganda Coffee, and CoolX)

Meanwhile, Europe is set to receive the first consignment. Rainforest Alliance-certified EUDR-compliant coffee from India. The coffee is produced by High Range Coffee Curing in partnership with Rainforest Alliance. Rainforest Alliance has committed to expanding its EUDR expertise to support certified and non-certified coffee supply chains, including farmers and coffee companies. The non-profit organization is championing further for the European block to avoid complying with calls for EUDR policy dilution or delays. However, the organization is open to supporting small coffee farmers who may experience supply problems during this period.

(Source: Rainforest Alliance)

Coffee producers in the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil continue to make strides in the green and regenerative coffee revolution. Last month, the region’s cooperative, Expocaer, announced its commitment to fully producing regenerative coffee by 2027. A few weeks later, in yet another global first, 20 coffee farmers from the Cerrado Coffee Growers Cooperative received the Carbon on Track label for low-carbon production. 

(Source: Food and Beverage News)

The American coffee market is readjusting after the massive losses during the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report by the Freedonia Group, one such market is the office coffee service market. The report suggests a 17.2% year-on-year growth projection until 2028. The forecasted growth is attributed to the return to normal business operations, with most offices returning to onsite work. The market previously experienced a decline in sales due to increased remote work as people opt for at-home coffee. The decline also pushed coffee sellers and suppliers to seek alternative sale avenues, massively impacting the former market niche.

(Source: Freedonia Group)

Starbucks recorded a significant drop in demand among US and Chinese consumers in the first quarter. The company shares fell by 12%, forcing the coffee giant to revise this year’s sales growth forecasts against its previous 4% to 6% growth. Part of the reason for the company’s drop in demand is consumer boycotts due to Starbucks’ stance on Israel’s war in Palestine.

(Source: Reuters)

Nescafe is taking advantage of the surging coffee demand by investing nearly $200 million in Brazil by 2026. The company’s $196 million investment targets production capacity expansion and boosting out-of-home coffee niche sales in the country. The brand is mainly focusing on the latter efforts to boost younger consumers.

(Source: Reuters)

In East Africa, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has partnered with ABSA Bank to finance Volcafe, which will support small-scale farmers in the region. This partnership has collected $60 million, which will be used to purchase, process, and export coffee beans from small farmers and traders in East Africa. This support aims to ease the effects of climate change on the farmers.

(Source: International Finance Corporation)

The Specialty Coffee Association expands its Coffee Value Assessment into two digital platforms. This resource can be accessed through its Tastify Web App or Catador CVA iOS and Android app. Launched earlier this year, the assessment tool offers a new cupping form and an improved protocol to evaluate coffee quality.

(Source: Specialty Coffee Association)

Global Coffee Platform recognizes three new sustainability schemes, bringing the total number of GCP-recognized schemes to 19. GCP has added the Fairtrade International, Small Producer Organization and Coffee Standard, and Fair Trade USA’s Agriculture Production Standard as an equivalent to the Coffee SR Cofe third-party assurance. The organization has also recognized Montesanto Tavares Group (GMT) Green. This recognition will further add value and strength to these sustainability certifications for coffee producers and sellers.

(Source: Global Coffee Platform)

Keurig Trading and Keurig Dr Pepper will operate an office in Brazil. The company has launched a new sourcing office in the Varginha Region of Brazil. This office will also serve as the quality control facility for Latin American countries. Additionally, the facility will host the company’s local workshops, training sessions, and other educational events.

(Source: Keurig Dr Pepper)

Hawaii passed a landmark legislation that finally protects authentic Kona coffee. The bill mandates that only blends containing 51% coffee grown in that region qualify for Kona Coffee labeling. The previous requirement was only 10%.  The newly passed bill will come into effect from July 1st, 2027.

(Source: Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce)

Product Launches, Mergers, and Acquisitions in May 2024

The controversial former New York mayor joined the well-known coffee brand owners list as he launched the Rudy coffee brand. Commentators speculate Giuliani’s venture into the coffee business may be attributed to his recently announced bankruptcy and over $140 million debt. The coffee brand offers three key whole bean selections in 2 lb bags, including Bold (dark roast), Morning (Medium roast), and Decaf coffee (Medium dark roast). Interestingly, the brand uses USDA organic and specialty beans from Honduras.

(Source: The Independent and Rudy.Coffee)

US rock band Green Day is yet another celebrity lineup to enter the coffee world with its Punk Bunny Coffee. The coffee brand features a variety of whole bean, ground, and K-Cup pods. Customers can also choose from 4 key roasts, including ultra dark, dark, medium dark, and light roasts - each blends with a fun name to go with.

(Source: Punk Bunny Coffee)

The Other Side of Coffee has launched the revolutionary industry’s first coffee fruit juice. Made from coffee fruit, the juice comes in three exciting flavors: berry, apple, and citrus. Available on US Amazon, each coffee juice serving contains 30mg of caffeine. According to the company, drinking the juice supports healthy brain function, boosts overall health, and fuels the body.

(Source: Other Side of Coffee)

NFL superstar player Patrick Mahomes partners with coffee industry veteran Michael Fedele to invest in and launch Throne Sports Coffee. Amazon’s best-selling canned RTD cold brew is noted for its rich caffeine content, B vitamins, electrolytes, BCAA essential nutrients, natural flavors, and sweeteners.  

(Source: Forbes)

SubCulture is another brand yet to launch a revolutionary and industry-first-ever THC-infused RTD beverage. The award-winning RTD cold brew contains 100% Ethiopian Coffee and  5 mg of THC per serving—a federally approved amount. Additionally, the RTD cold brew comes in two key variations: Original Cold Brew and Oat Milk.

(Source: Trend Hunter)

UK’s Rokit joins a list of other coffee companies to launch new RTD beverages in the US market. The RTD beverage lineup includes five new products: four 8.4-ounce canned cold brew beverages and a matcha drink. The drinks include oat milk-based, unflavored cold brew (Mind Boost, Immunity Boost, and Energy Uplift), an 18g protein-enriched milk-based, lactose-free coffee drink, and a Mighty Matcha drink that contains coconut milk as a substitute for oat milk.

(Source: BevNet)

Costa Coffee will launch its first U.S. robotic kiosk concept in Texas this August. A partnership with Delaware North, the robotic kiosk is named Costa Coffee Creations and comes in a 24-square-foot fully-automated coffee stand. Customers can find the kiosk at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport in Austin. 

(Source: MCA Insights)

Good news for Rave Coffee wholesale customers as they launched a direct-to-sale wholesale website. The website features comprehensive offerings for wholesale customers. In addition to Rave Coffee’s product, the site includes how-to videos on commercial brewing techniques, best storage practices for green and roasted coffee, and even commercial account management.

(Source: Yahoo Finance)

Avercasso launches an e-commerce website. The Taiwanese coffee equipment manufacturer is known for its world-class pioneering AI-powered bean sorter. The good news is that coffee professionals in Taiwan can now use the Bean Sorter CS software through the e-commerce site. The Taiwanese start-up’s website also comes with the Avercasso Points and Green Processing Programs features.

(Source: Avercasso)

Nguyen Coffee supply expands availability into Target shelves. The eclectic US-based coffee band with a focus on Vietnamese coffee continues to expand its retail reach to ensure easy accessibility of its products. The brand’s partnership with Target allows its customers to purchase Nguyen Supply’s RTD products from up to 5000 different Target store locations in the US. This move comes right after the brand’s similar partnership with Whole Foods.

(Source:  Tea and Coffee Trade Journal)

Former executives from the Chinese brand, Luckin Coffee, have partnered to launch Cotti Coffee in the US. Currently, the coffee brand operates in Honolulu Hawaii at its over 700 square foot location in Pearl Highlands Shopping Center, but plans to expand into the mainland market.

(Source: Yahoo Finance News)

Unusually Interesting May Coffee News

Italian coffee equipment manufacturer has supported the launch of the UC Davis Coffee Center. La Marzocco is among the most prominent sponsors who helped support the launch of the 7000-square feet coffee research facility expected to house 50 faculty experts in Agriculture, Engineering, Food Science, and other disciplines - a significant upgrade from the university’s two faculty single-class. The facilities come equipped with a lab and world-class machines for proper learning - from designing and building machines to sensory coffee-tasting classes.

(Source: La Marzocco)

UC Davis Coffee Center partners with Bridge Coffee Co. in a study that found roast profiles to impact acidity and sourness. According to the roasters, they can control the acidity and sourness of coffee by timing the first and second crack.

(Source: Nature)

A revolutionary ultrasound technology technique has successfully extracted cold brew within minutes. Pioneered by engineers at Australia’s University of New South Wales, this study used a repurposed Breville espresso machine and patented sound transmission system to create an acoustic cavitation that fueled the cold brew process in just 3 minutes. While a faster process, this technique has been shown not to affect the cold brew’s attributes. Samples showed that both the ultrasound and regular 24-hour cold brew had similar attributes.

(Source: UNSW)

A latest study by European packaging manufacturer Amcor, indicates that 70% of European coffee consumers go for a particular product solely based on the package.  Surveying consumers from over 1600 different European grocery stores, the manufacturer noted package, taste, aroma, brand, and price as being the top purchasing decision factors. Of the European countries surveyed, UK consumers value premium package quality the most - offering deep insights to retailers on the importance of packaging.

(Source: Amcor)

RMIT University partners with Macedon Ranges Shire Council to embark on an unusually interesting coffee trial. The two institutions have designed the world’s first coffee concrete footpath made entirely from the coffee ground, turned into construction biochar. This venture, if successful, intended to reduce organic waste and greenhouse gas emissions while turning food waste into a valuable resource.

(Source: RMIT University)

Important Coffee Dates and Events for June 2024

The Barista League has announced North American Tour Dates

The much-anticipated barista competitions are scheduled to take place in multiple North American locations. These include Denver on 17th August, Brooklyn on 24th August, and Montreal on 29th August. Applications for all three dates are now open until June 25th. You can learn more and register for the event HERE.

High Score Nicaraguan Gesha Coffee Available at Auction this Month

The Natural Gesha which received 91.10 pts at the 2024 Nicaragua Cup of Excellent competition will be auctioned on 20th June 2024. Other varieties available at the auction will include Paraneima, Pacamara, and Maragogipe.

SCA Announces Dates for 2025 World of Coffee Geneva

Europe’s largest coffee export will occur at the Geneva Palexpo Exhibition and Convention Center from June 26 to 28, 2025. You can find out more about the expo HERE.


Donna is a coffee lover and freelance writer from Tanzania. Coffee runs deep in her family, tracing its roots to her grandmother’s running of their first coffee farm in the mid-70s. During the summer seasons, she enjoys writing and co-running her grandmother's small robusta coffee farm with her sister in northwest Tanzania.

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