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Updated May 07, 2024 • Donna Lu

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February brings yet another exciting month for coffee lovers. With so much to look forward to in the second month of 2024, here’s a recap of the first month of the year;

The Coffee World in January 2024

The extra non-dairy milk charge finally went legal after a class action lawsuit was brought against Dunkin’ Donuts. A moral dilemma for many since nondairy milk became a common thing in coffee shops, charging extra for non-dairy milk has always been low or high-key) issue for many coffee drinkers. Yes, non-dairy milk, like oat or soy, does come at a higher price tag, even in grocery stores! But, a large portion of adults in the US, about 50 million, are reported to be lactose intolerant. So, one begs to ask, "Is it fair to charge me extra even though dairy milk isn't a choice for me?”. The discrimination suit alludes to dietary racism by the defendant, accusing Dunkin Donuts of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. Plaintiffs claim the coffee giant charged 50 cents and $2.15 extra for a non-dairy milk alternative. The lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages, and it’s not the first to be represented by attorney Bodgan Enica. Enica has previously brought a similar suit against Starbucks, which is still ongoing. 

(Source: NBC)

Coffee farmers get some consolation from increased counterfeiting. Coffee farmers in Hawaii that produce the loved, famed, and most expensive coffee in the world, Kona beans, have settled a $41 million suit before trial after a 5-year legal battle against groups of distributors and retailers. Like many prized regional specialty foods, Kona coffee producers have suffered market disruption for years, leading to massive losses. According to the lawsuit, farmers accused distributors and retailers of misleading consumers by labeling much cheaper coffee as Kona. After successfully establishing the distinctiveness of Kona beans through a series of lab-based chemical fingerprinting, Kona coffee farmers settled with the business groups outside the court.

(Source: The New York Times)

Starbucks is caught in yet another crosswind of ethically related controversy. Consumer advocacy groups sued the coffee giant, which alleged a long list of unethical practices. This has resulted in Starbucks misleading the consumer population of its “100% ethically sourced” commitment. The lawsuit alleges that Starbucks continues to make these commitment claims while knowingly sourcing coffee from suppliers accused of human rights abuse and child labor practices. Filed in a DC court on behalf of American consumers, the NCL (National Consumers League) lawsuit alleges abusive practices that include modern slavery, child labor, and unsafe working conditions by Starbucks suppliers in Kenya, Guatemala, and Brazil. This is an ongoing case.

(Source: NBC News)

Death metal fans and coffee lovers celebrated an exciting addition to the market by icons, the Cannibal Corpse. The death metal icons partnered with a local Orlando coffee purveyor to release an exclusive nitro cold brew, the Cranial Extraction. The Cranial Extraction is the fourth release in this partnership’s series. In addition to its stomach-churning artwork by horror visual artist Vincent Locke, its limited edition coffee brew is guaranteed to” one way or the other, churn your guts up nicely,” according to its makers.

(Source: Orlando Weekly)

Brazil will hold its very first virtual specialty coffee auction in 2024. The Brazilian Federation of Cerrado Mineiro Coffee Producers (FCC) will host its first virtual auction for specialty coffee from the country’s Cerrado Mineiro region. It will be run by the M-Cultivo digital Platform with complete English translation. The auction is scheduled for 29 January to 2nd February 2024 and will feature 11 curated lots of 500 samples with scores of 87 -90 points. Plus, each lot includes dry, washed, and fermentation-processed coffee. According to the organizers, this auction bridges the gap between coffee growers in the Cerrado Mineiro region and high-quality international roasters.

(Source: World Coffee Portal

Unusually Interesting January Coffee News

The Guinness World Records are known to attract the most peculiar of accolades. But who thought coffee-drinking speed would be one of them? Recently, a German man named Andre Ortolf broke the record for the fastest cup of coffee consumed. Another German man, Felix Von Meibom, held the previous record, who had chugged down a mug full of coffee in just 3.17 seconds, some four years ago. Ortolf broke the record by a few seconds, successfully chugging a mug of coffee in just 3.12 seconds. While the coffee consumed is hot, the exact temperature is unknown; neither are there temperature requirements stipulated by the organization.

(Source: Sprudge)

Projected Coffee Trends in 2024

Specialty coffee is on the rise. Coffee lovers have always pursued a coffee-drinking experience that leaves a mark - not just the quick caffeine boost. In 2024, specialty coffee consumption is projected to grow exponentially. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for coffee specialists to share and explore some of the best specialty and gourmet coffee. Notable for its high grade, quality, and taste, specialty coffee today is highly regarded if it meets additional standards. Social and environmentally conscious farming and fair trade practices can also help put coffee on a higher-rated list. You can find some of the best specialty coffee round-ups at Roast Love. Our recommendations even come certified with essential standards, like fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

Similarly, specialty coffee subscriptions have enjoyed a similar projection, with a steadily growing number of subscriptions. Growing coffee subscription numbers are linked to the convenience and customization possibilities they offer. They are also a great way to enjoy exposure to better quality coffee while saving, thanks to special discounts.

(Source: Rosette Coffee)

China and South Korea are projected to be among the world’s largest consumers of coffee. In South Korea alone, it’s estimated that the average Korean adult consumed at least 405 cups of coffee in 2023 (double the global average). Local Korean brands enjoy most of the market shares, with nearly 1000,000 cafes and $1.3 billion coffee in 2022 alone. Moreover, Starbucks has enjoyed the Korean coffee consumption market since opening stores in the late 90s(currently with approximately 2,000 stores). However, large North American and Chinese brands like Tim Horton’s and Cotti Coffee have started to jump on this potential opportunity. While this influx of coffee chains may appear to saturate the market, experts are still hopeful with projected receptiveness from the public and ever-growing consumer interest in the beverage.

On the other hand, China is the second most significant global consumer of coffee (after the USA). By the end of 2023 alone, consumption grew by 15%, while branded coffee shops in the country increased by 58%. Since then, consumption and expansion have continued to rise. While coffee consumption grows in the country, so does market share competition among local and foreign coffee chains. Large international chains, like Starbucks and Tim Hortons, continue to expand in the country, although they face fierce competition from fast-expanding local brands like Luckin and Cotti Coffee. Nonetheless, experts still suggest that there is more room for business with an ever-growing younger population of consumers and smaller cities that need more coffee shops.

(Sources: Business Korea, Reuters)

Important Coffee Dates and Events for February 2024

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) 2024 Expo Registration is now open

The Specialty Coffee Expo is North America's most significant B2B specialty coffee event and will take place at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago this year from April 12-14. Participation registration is open with a deadline of March 1, 2024. Along with the participation registration, you can also sign up to participate in various activities that are part of the expo. These include the Best New Product Competition. 

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