FinalPress: Revolutionize Brewing Your Coffee! (Kickstarter)

Nov 26, 2023 • Amélie Bigras

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FinalPress, a revolutionary product that allows you to brew your favorite beverages directly in your cup. FinalPress has taken the Kickstarter community by storm, garnering widespread support and enthusiasm. In this article, we'll delve into the features and benefits of FinalPress and explore how it is transforming the way we enjoy coffee and tea.

The Problem: Traditional Brewing Methods

Brewing coffee or tea can often be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. From messy grounds and filters to the need for multiple brewing tools, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Traditional methods lack the convenience and simplicity that many coffee and tea enthusiasts crave. Enter FinalPress, the ultimate eco-friendly compact solution to these brewing woes.

The Solution: FinalPress Coffee

FinalPress is a game-changer in the world of coffee and tea brewing. Designed with innovation and convenience in mind, FinalPress allows you to brew your favorite beverages directly in your cup, eliminating the need for additional equipment. With its sleek and compact design, FinalPress is both portable and user-friendly.

How FinalPress Brews

Using FinalPress is a breeze. Simply add your coffee grounds or tea leaves into the brewing chamber, pour hot water over them, and let it steep. Once the brewing process is complete, press down gently on the plunger to extract the rich flavors and aromas directly into your cup. FinalPress's unique design ensures a mess-free experience, leaving you with a perfect cup of coffee or tea every time.


Key Benefits of FinalPress

FinalPress offers numerous advantages over traditional brewing methods. First and foremost, it enhances the flavor and aroma of your beverages, thanks to its precise extraction mechanism. By brewing directly in your cup, FinalPress ensures that every drop is infused with the full essence of your chosen coffee or tea.

Another notable benefit is the time-saving aspect. With FinalPress, you can say goodbye to the laborious process of brewing with multiple tools. The simplicity of using FinalPress means you can have a delicious cup of coffee or tea in minutes, perfect for those busy mornings or when you're on the go.

Portability is also a significant advantage of FinalPress. Its compact size and durable construction make it an ideal companion for travel, camping trips, or any outdoor adventure. You no longer have to compromise on your favorite brew while exploring new places.


Kickstarter Success and Backer Rewards

Since its launch on Kickstarter, FinalPress has gained immense popularity among coffee and tea enthusiasts. The campaign has reached several milestones, surpassing its initial funding goal in record time. Backers of FinalPress on Kickstarter have shown overwhelming support for the product, expressing their excitement about the brewing possibilities it offers.

To reward early backers, FinalPress has created exclusive reward tiers, including special pricing for early-bird backers, limited-edition color options, and bundled packages. By backing the campaign, supporters not only secure their very own FinalPress but also become part of a community of passionate coffee and tea lovers.

FinalPress is a game-changer in the world of coffee and tea brewing. Designed with innovation and convenience in mind, FinalPress allows you to brew your favorite beverages directly in your cup, eliminating the need for additional equipment. With its sleek and compact design, FinalPress is both portable and user-friendly.

FinalPress on top of coffee beans
FinalPress Picture

Future Plans and Production Timeline

Looking ahead, FinalPress has ambitious plans beyond the Kickstarter campaign. The team envisions expanding the FinalPress line to include additional brewing accessories and enhancing the product's functionality based on user feedback and demand. They are committed to delivering an exceptional brewing experience to their backers and beyond.

The production timeline for FinalPress is well underway, with estimated delivery dates communicated to backers. The team is working diligently to ensure that each FinalPress is manufactured to the highest standards, meeting the expectations of their supporters.

FinalPress with Coffee Cup
FinalPress Picture

How To Order FinalPress Online

Follow these general steps to order FinalPress:

  1. Visit the Kickstarter campaign page: Go to the Kickstarter page for the FinalPress Brew coffee and tea product.
  2. Read the campaign details: Take some time to read through the campaign details, including the product description, features, pricing, and any other relevant information provided by the creator.
  3. Choose a reward tier: Kickstarter campaigns often offer different reward tiers, each with its own set of benefits or perks. Select the reward tier that suits your preferences and budget.
  4. Pledge your support: Once you've chosen a reward tier, click on the "Back this project" or similar button on the campaign page. Enter the amount you wish to pledge for the selected reward tier.
  5. Provide necessary information: Kickstarter will guide you through the process of providing the required information, such as your shipping address and payment details. Follow the instructions and fill in the necessary fields accurately.
  6. Confirm your pledge: Review the details of your pledge, including the selected reward tier, pledge amount, and shipping information. Make sure everything is correct before proceeding.
  7. Complete the payment: Kickstarter uses secure payment methods to process pledges. Follow the provided instructions to complete your payment.
  8. Wait for project completion: After pledging, the creator will work on producing and delivering the product. Kickstarter campaigns often have estimated delivery times mentioned on the campaign page. Keep an eye on project updates from the creator for any further information or changes.

It's important to note that Kickstarter campaigns are not traditional online stores. By pledging, you are supporting the project's development and production, and there may be risks involved. Make sure to review the campaign details and creator's reputation before pledging your support.

If you encounter any specific issues or have further questions, it's best to reach out to the project creator through the Kickstarter messaging system or any provided contact information on the campaign page.


FinalPress is a game-changing product that revolutionizes the way we brew coffee and tea. With its innovative design and user-friendly functionality, FinalPress offers a convenient and mess-free brewing experience directly in your cup. The overwhelming support and success of FinalPress on Kickstarter demonstrate the demand for a more convenient and enjoyable brewing solution. By backing the campaign, you not only secure your own FinalPress but also become part of a passionate community of coffee and tea enthusiasts.

As FinalPress moves forward, the team remains committed to delivering on their promises and exceeding expectations. With plans to expand the product line and incorporate user feedback, FinalPress is poised to become a staple in every coffee and tea lover's kitchen.


Amélie has a dual Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Literature. She wrote a Master's Thesis on the importance of blending scientific knowledge with the arts to create a healthier culture. She also has a Bachelor of Education and has been teaching Biology and Language Arts since 2016. She is happily addicted to coffee and constantly learning.

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