Shardor Coffee Grinder: Is It Worth Buying?

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Buying your coffee already ground certainly has its perks. It’s fast, convenient, and doesn’t require a grinder. But have you ever considered grinding your own beans? Adding this extra step does add a bit of extra work, so let’s explore the pros and cons. Then, we’ll dive into Shardor grinders so you can see if it’s a worthy investment for you.

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Grinding Your Coffee

One of the most significant advantages is that it gives you control over the grind size and, ultimately, your brewing process. You can decide just how coarse or fine your grinds are, allowing you to brew the perfect cup of coffee for your liking. Additionally, you'll preserve the quality of your coffee, which can lose freshness when it's preground. And, of course, this step can be an enjoyable part of your routine. Many enjoy the sound and smell of grinding their beans in the morning. 

However, grinding beans is only for some. It takes some extra time and requires you to have a coffee grinder. If you're interested but don't have one, don't worry! Is it cheaper to grind beans at home vs. buying preground? We have an excellent article for you to read.

Let's check out Shardor, a well-known brand that sells various coffee products.

About Shardor

Shardor is an innovative enterprise that focuses on small household appliances. The brand's products are coffee gadgets, including French presses, milk frothers, and coffee grinders. Shardor sells two main kinds: Some grind with a blade, while others use a burr system.

Shardor Blade Coffee Grinders

Inside of a Shardor blade grinder showing the blade
Inside of the Shardor blade grinder

The blade coffee grinders work similarly to a small blender or a Nutribullet. You add your beans into the removable stainless cup at the top. If you have a push-control blade grinder, just put on the lid and press down. You can also get an automatic version, which starts with the press of a button. The stainless-steel metal blade at the bottom of the cup will grind your beans in 20 seconds or less, depending on how coarse or fine you want them.

Where can I buy a Shardor blade grinder?

Shardor sells a variety of different blade grinders. Here are some that you can find on Amazon.

French press for 4 cups SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric
  • 2 Removable Stainless Steel Bowls
  • 15 seconds or less
Staff Pick
French press for 4 cups
SHARDOR Adjustable Coffee Grinder Electric
  • 2 Removable Stainless Steel Bowls
  • 63 dB, which is quieter than other coffee grinders
  • Choose grind settings with a dial for measuring seconds
French press for 4 cups SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric
  • Wet and dry grinder
  • 200 watts motor

What are the pros and cons of Shardor blade grinders?

Inside the Shardor blade grinder


  • Less expensive than burr grinders
  • Take up little counter space
  • Lightweight
  • Amazon reviewers say they're quick and easy to use


  • Motor can overheat
  • Amazon reviewers have reported pieces getting stuck in the grinder's cracks
  • Blades can be dangerous to clean
  • Loud grinding process, according to Amazon reviewers

Shardor Burr Coffee Grinders

A Shardor Burr grinder
SHARDOR Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Your other Shardor option is a grinder that uses an electric burr system. Two burr pieces with abrasive surfaces grind the beans instead of finely chopping them up. Burr grinders are typically what professional baristas use since they create more consistent coffee than the blade version. 

But that doesn't mean that burr grinders are perfect. Let's check out the pros and cons of the Shardor's burr grinders so that you can compare.

Where can I buy a Shardor burr grinder?

You can find burr grinders for sale on Amazon.

French press for 4 cups SHARDOR Burr Coffee Grinder (14 Settings)
  • 14 Custom grind settings
  • 4.3 Rating out of 700+ reviews
Staff Pick
French press for 4 cups
SHARDOR Burr Coffee Grinder (16 Settings)
  • 16 Custom grind settings
  • 4.3 Rating out of 1600+ reviews
French press for 4 cups SHARDOR Burr Coffee Grinder (31 Settings)
  • 40mm Stainless steel conical burrs
  • 4.4 Rating out of 180+ reviews
French press for 4 cups SHARDOR Burr Coffee Grinder (35 Settings)
  • Most popular burr Shardor grinder
  • 4.3 Rating out of 2100+ reviews

What are the pros and cons of Shardor burr grinders?


  • No overheating of the coffee beans
  • Easy cleaning with removable hopper, upper burr, and chamber
  • Quieter than blade grinders
  • Uniform grinding for best flavor extraction and consistency


  • Take up more space than blade grinders
  • Generally more expensive 
  • Some Amazon reviewers have reported messes due to static chambers in some kinds of these grinders
  • Heavier than blade grinders

Like the blade grinders, there are several different Shardor burr grinders. Here are some options that vary in the number of settings and amount of beans they can grind.

Which One Is Best For You?

With such a diverse array of options from Shardor, it isn't easy to choose a grinder. I recommend comparing the pros and cons of the company's blade grinders and burr grinders. Once you decide which route works best for you, you can compare individual products. 

Top Tips for Picking a Grinder

  • Price
  • Size
  • Loudness
  • Weight
  • Blade vs. Burr: Coffee uniformity and consistency
  • Coffee-making capacity
  • Automatic vs. push-control 
  • Number of grind settings


There are so many ways to create your perfect coffee. Of course, you can explore different brewing methods, like ceramic coffee filtersFrench press, and pour-over. But whether or not you grind your beans can also impact your brew. Keeping in mind the pros and cons of the process and the products, it's up to you to decide whether you want to try grinding your beans with a Shardor grinder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean a Shardor Coffee Grinder?

It depends if your grinder is either burr, or blade.

For Blade: a common trick is to fill the grinder with rice. Run the rice for about one minute until it collects the oils and removes the extra coffee grounds. Pour the rice out, repeat if necessary, make sure to unplug it then wipe down the grinder with a damp cloth and wipe into the crevices.

For Burr: Unplug the grinder, remove the bean hopper and empty it out. Clean the inside of the hopper with a little bit of soapy water and rinse. Remove all the other accessible pieces including the grind chamber and wash them. Remove the inner burr (possibly with a screwdriver). Using a toothbrush give the parts a good scrub, use a toothpick for any hard to reach areas. Clean the coffee chute where the beans are loaded up and then let all the parts dry and reassemble.

What Are Alternatives to Shardor?

If you’ve decided to start grinding your own coffee, you might be wondering if another brand would better suit your needs. Competitor brands include Baratza, Oxo, Breville, and KRUPS, but keep in mind that these grinders tend to be considerably more expensive than Shardor’s. So if you’re just getting started grinding your own coffee, Shardor might be a great way to dip your feet in the water.

Where Can I Buy a Shardor Coffee Grinder?

You can purchase Shardor coffee grinders from Amazon, using the links previously mentioned in this article. Alternatively, you can order directly from Shardor’s website here. You can also check out the company’s other coffee-making products from either site.

Is It More Expensive to Grind My Own Coffee?

In the long run, there’s often actually a financial payoff to grinding your own beans. There’s less of a demand for whole coffee beans, meaning that they’re often slightly cheaper than pre-ground coffee at the store. However, you’ll have to factor the price of your grinder into the equation.


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