Visit Edmonton's Cat Cafe: A Cozy Coffee & Cat Haven

Jun 02, 2023 • Leigh McDonald

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Have you ever imagined savoring your preferred drink while surrounded by charming cats? Welcome to the intriguing world of cat cafes, a distinctive blend of beverage enjoyment and delightful feline companionship. Situated in the vibrant heart of Edmonton, the city's sole cat cafe is a sanctuary for those who adore cats.

A Warm & Inviting Atmosphere

As you enter, you're enveloped by a warm, inviting atmosphere, and naturally, the café's resident cats. Each cat possesses a unique personality, contributing to the café's enchanting appeal. But the allure extends beyond the cats. The café prides itself on a diverse menu that accommodates a range of preferences. Whether you're a devotee of coffee or a lover of tea, there's something to satisfy every palate.

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

Cat Cafe on Whyte

Cat Cafe on WhyteCat Cafe on Whyte

Since its grand opening on March 30, 2017, Cat Café On Whyte has been a sanctuary for cat lovers in the heart of Edmonton. The café is divided into two sections: the serving side, which is cat-free and where your beverages are prepared and served, and the cat lounge, where you can relax and interact with the resident cats.

A cat at Cat Cafe on Whyte

A friendly face at the cafe

The café boasts a variety of specialty drinks, from rich espressos to refreshing smoothies and even sweet treats sourced fresh daily from local, peanut-free Edmonton bakeries.

Another cat at Cat Cafe on Whyte

Cat Cafe on Whyte

But Cat Café On Whyte is more than just a café. It's a temporary foster home for rescue cats from the SAFE Team shelter. The café provides a serene and friendly environment for guests of all ages to enjoy the company of these adorable felines.

Here's a video showing the café's ambiance and adorable resident cats, and it also features one of their featured cat yoga sessions, where visitors pose alongside the café's feline friends.

A Unique Experience With Furry Friends

Once you step into Cat Café on Whyte, you'll feel an immediate sense of comfort and joy. The cozy ambiance, combined with the company of adorable cats, creates a unique and heartwarming experience. These furry little wonders come from the SAFE Team shelter, finding a temporary foster home at the café. It's not just about providing a place for them to stay – the café plays a vital role in finding them forever homes by letting guests interact and bond with these lovely rescue cats.

Kids Love Spending Time Here

Cat lovers of all ages are welcome here. Kids, in particular, have a blast spending time with the playful felines. However, for safety reasons, children aged 6 and under get to hang out in the lower lounge, accompanied by an adult. For slightly older kids aged 7-12, one adult can supervise up to two children in the cat lounge.

Coffee & Tea With Good Selections

Now, let's talk about the menu – it's simply paw-some! Whether you're a coffee aficionado, a tea enthusiast, or looking for refreshing smoothies, Cat Café on Whyte has got you covered. The skilled baristas whip up a variety of specialty drinks to cater to all tastes. Plus, they offer scrumptious sweet treats sourced fresh daily from local, peanut-free Edmonton bakeries. So, not only do you get to enjoy the company of adorable cats, but you also get to treat yourself to some delectable goodies.

One thing to note – to keep the lounge clean and hygienic for both humans and cats, you're required to take off your shoes and wear socks at all times. No worries if you forgot to bring socks along; they've got you covered with their charming cat-themed socks available for a steal.

A Little Taste of Japan Cat Cafes

Cat Café on Whyte truly embraces the spirit of cat cafes that originated in Japan – a place to relax, connect with feline friends, and maybe even find your future fur baby. So, whether you're a cat lover or just curious to experience something new, this cozy little café is definitely worth a visit. You'll leave with a warm heart, a satisfied palate, and possibly a new furry friend!


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