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What is the Sovda Pearl Mini?

The Sovda Pearl Mini is an innovative piece of machinery that is radically changing the coffee industry. It specializes in color sorting, a critical process in ensuring the quality and consistency of coffee beans. By sorting beans based on their color, roasters can identify and remove defective beans—like quakers, beans that haven’t roasted properly—ensuring a more uniform and quality batch of coffee. In a market where consumers are increasingly discerning about their coffee choices, and where the difference between an excellent cup and a mediocre one can hinge on just a few beans, the importance of the Pearl Mini's capabilities cannot be overstated. It represents not just technological advancement, but also a commitment to quality in the coffee production line.

Sovda Pearl Mini connected to a roaster
Sovda Mini Pearl

A Deep Dive into Pearl Mini's Features

Speed and Efficiency

In the fast-paced coffee industry, time is of the essence. The Pearl Mini shines in this regard, with its ability to process a staggering 4kg of coffee beans per minute. This rapid processing speed ensures that there are no delays in production, a feature that's invaluable to large-scale operations. For instance, roasteries equipped with a 35kg roaster won't find their workflow interrupted, thanks to the Pearl Mini's seamless operation and integration capabilities.

Sovda Pearl Mini with specs and warranty information
Sovda Mini Pearl

Compact Design and Flexibility

Space is a premium, especially for urban roasteries or setups like that of Tim Wendelboe’s. The Pearl Mini is a game-changer for such spaces. Its compact design does not compromise on its capabilities, ensuring that even small-scale roasters don't miss out on its benefits. Furthermore, its design isn’t just compact; it’s flexible. This means it can be integrated smoothly with other machinery or equipment in the production line. Such adaptability ensures that roasters, regardless of their size or setup, can enjoy the advancements Sovda brings to the table with the Pearl Mini.

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User-friendly Interface

The Sovda Pearl Mini is not just about powerful performance; it's also about intuitive user experience. One of its standout features is the user-friendly interface, which allows roasters to easily adjust color profiles. This flexibility is crucial given the diverse range of coffee beans that may pass through a roastery. Different batches, origins, and roast levels might require different sorting parameters, and the Pearl Mini caters to these needs effortlessly. Moreover, the machine is designed for on-the-go tweaks. As batches change – like naturals with many quakers – roasters like Tim Wendelboe can make quick adjustments, ensuring the system accurately identifies defects. This ease of use, combined with its robust capabilities, makes the Pearl Mini a favorite among coffee professionals.

coffee beans eing sorted by colours in a Sovda Pearl Mini

Pearl Mini's Testimonials

Tim Wendelboe's Experience

Tim Wendelboe, a name synonymous with high-quality coffee out of Oslo, offers a glowing endorsement of the Sovda Pearl Mini. Integrating the Pearl Mini into his roastery was smooth, and the results were immediate and impressive. Beyond the machine's performance, Tim particularly appreciates its minimal maintenance needs. With simple cleaning routines, such as daily cleans with compressed air and monthly cyclone cleanings, the Pearl Mini requires little downtime. This consistent reliability coupled with the machine's efficiency reinforces Tim’s trust in the product.

Tim Wendelboe pouring coffee into a cup
Tim Wendelboe

Other Testimonials

The Pearl Mini's influence extends beyond just one specialty coffee icon. Several coffee roasters and professionals globally have integrated the machine into their operations and have been vocal about its transformative impact. These testimonials often highlight the Pearl Mini's capability to ensure quality and consistency in coffee batches. Roasters frequently mention the tangible benefits they've observed, from increased efficiency in their production lines to the marked improvement in the final coffee quality. The collective feedback paints a picture of a machine that not only delivers on its promises but also elevates the standards of coffee roasting and sorting.

Rosso Coffee Roasters have integrated two SOVDA Pearl Mini’s into our roasting process. Being that one of Rosso's core business values is continuous improvement, they believe that these machines are the next step to offer a higher quality product. They are the only roasting company in Canada with one of these coffee sorters, and the only roaster in all of North America with two of them.

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Practical Benefits of Color Sorting

Quality Enhancement

Color sorting in coffee roasting is akin to quality assurance in manufacturing; it's vital for the final product's excellence. Quakers and other subpar beans can considerably diminish the taste of the coffee. These defective beans, which can taste like popcorn or peanuts, can overshadow the rich, nuanced flavors of a high-quality roast. By employing the Sovda Pearl Mini, roasters can ensure each batch maintains the intended flavor profile, free from undesirable beans. This meticulous quality enhancement translates directly to the cup, providing consumers with a consistent, superior coffee experience every time.

Two men examining the color qualities of the coffee beans by the Sovda Pearl Mini

Economic Advantages

Beyond the qualitative aspects, color sorting also presents tangible economic benefits. The capacity to re-sort and sell the acceptable beans at discounted prices means reduced waste and additional revenue streams. This approach to bean management embodies sustainability and profitability in tandem. Moreover, the process of sorting creates opportunities for innovative collaborations. Take, for instance, Tim Wendelboe's agreement with a local oyster mushroom farmer. The rejected coffee beans find a new purpose in mushroom compost, transforming waste into a valuable resource, and fostering community collaboration.

Sovda Pearl Mini in a

Is the Investment Worth It?

When contemplating hefty investments like the Sovda Pearl Mini, roasters must weigh the machine's cost against its manifold benefits. While the initial outlay might seem significant, the returns in terms of quality assurance and economic gains quickly justify the expense. However, a nuanced perspective on investments in the coffee business suggests a balanced approach.

As Tim Wendelboe recommends, if one has the funds, the first investment should always be in high-quality green coffee. Superior raw material is the foundation of an exceptional brew.

But, to ensure that this high-quality coffee is presented flawlessly to the consumer, equipment like the Pearl Mini becomes indispensable. It’s not merely about having the best beans, but also about ensuring each bean in the batch meets the standard.


In the realm of coffee roasting, the Sovda Pearl Mini stands out as a game-changer. By merging quality control with efficiency, this machine offers roasters an unparalleled advantage in producing premium brews. User testimonials, notably from industry stalwarts like Tim Wendelboe, underscore its transformative impact on workflow and final product quality. Beyond the immediate benefits to taste and texture, the economic and collaborative opportunities it presents are noteworthy. As with all significant investments, it's vital to weigh its cost against the potential gains. Still, for those committed to excellence in coffee production, the Pearl Mini is undeniably a worthy consideration.

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